I've been working on this project for a long time.

The project based on a stories by Robert Walser.

It's involve an exhibition, Music composition & Preformance.

More dedails inside.

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InDnegev Music Festival 2013 Artwork

In-D-Negev 2012 is closer than ever!

This year I decided to Creat "ZEFET" - The emotional creature from the desert/

 chack out the festival site for more information.

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Yehu Yaron **NEW** CD Cover Artwork

Yehu Yaron New Album Is a Mater peice.


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Marina Maximilian CD Cover Artwork

Debut Album to Marina Maximilian is out now/

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New Album for the Magnificent LAYERZ!

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BALADINO CD Cover Artwork

New Album to BALADINO!

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Jerusalem Film Festival Trailer

Animation for Jerusalem film festival 2013.
Based on a poster by: Nerubay studio
Music composed by: Roy yarkoni

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Haifa Museum 2012 - Solo Exhibition

A collaboration between Alfred gallery, Haifa Museum of Art & myself.

The exhibition site

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Moon Child Music Video

Animation music video for "Moon Child" of king crimson covered by Ruth Dolores Weiss.    

The video contains some of my paintings and was created only in a few days (and nights:).


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Naftaly Yavin book cover artwork

A special "Musaf Ha'aretz" project in which i was asked to make a new cover artwork for Naftaly Yavin book "Prolonged childhood and summer and winter in another city".

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